Friday, September 10, 2010

A Social Conscience

Earlier this spring, when I was discussing how overextended our welfare system has become in this country, and how unsustainable it now is, one of my friends replied, “Don’t you have a social conscience?” I answered, “Yes, I do. My mother was widowed with two young boys to raise, and without Social Security, I don’t know how she could have done it and kept our home.” I can definitely see the need for many people in this country who have experienced a catastrophe in their lives and just need some temporary help to get them through the trying times. But then I asked myself, “What about one’s social responsibility to become a productive member of society?”
This question basically is about whether or not a person in a community, state, or country decides to be a “maker” or a “taker” with their future. Now, not everyone on welfare has had a once-in-a-lifetime crisis that they need to overcome. By far the majority have gotten themselves into the “system,” found that their basic needs are met, become comfortable with their lives, and decide being on welfare is an acceptable lifestyle. They become takers, and not due to any physical handicap or other reason preventing them from performing physical labor. If they can use a cell phone, they can be gainfully employed in a call center. If they can walk into a store unassisted, they can be gainfully employed. All jobs are honorable. All jobs require some ability, too. At least an ability to learn the job.

When the benefits of a financial aid system surpass what can be made with a job, people see little reason to switch to employment. The same is true with unemployment benefits. Why seriously look for a job when the unemployment check is enough to live on? When the checks run out, then it’s time to really look for work. In essence, our various facets of public aid in this country are adding to our national bankruptcy. They may also be an instrument of Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy our economy, with organizations like ACORN signing up as many people as they can for government assistance to eventually wipe out our treasury, forcing a socialist program.

So, here are some solutions:

1. Eliminate minimum wage. Let a job pay what it is truly worth.

2. Eliminate “poverty level” factors. Poor is a relative term. We have the world’s richest poor.

3. Reevaluate all welfare recipients every quarter to weed out goldbricks.

4. Require monthly drug testing to receive any government assistance, including food stamps, housing, aid to dependent children, etc.

5. Government financial assistance used for anything other than living essentials requires automatic cancellation, i.e. tattoos, manicures, cell phones, liquor, cigarettes, gambling, strip clubs, etc.

6. Establish a national right to work. Make union membership optional everywhere.

7. All citizens on extended government assistance must be evaluated semiannually to determine what productive employment they may qualify for. Whatever job that is, they must take it or lose their assistance.

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