Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cap and Trade – the Last Nail

Cap and Trade, the scheme to tax everything that produces greenhouse gas emissions, will be the last nail in the coffin of American industry, and, therefore, the American economy.  As part of the Kyoto Protocol, advanced nations around the world are working hard to create a means to minimize ozone-depleting emissions by penalizing industries that produce them, down to and including dairy farmers.  Yes, those dairy cows produce some bad gasses!  Since you and I produce carbon dioxide, taxing us for living is also a possibility.
Cap and Trade might be acceptable if it applied to everyone in the world, but the Kyoto Protocol exempts “developing countries.”  Last year China surpassed the USA in greenhouse gas production, and India is not far behind; both exempt.  While we decline, they develop at our expense.  Cap and Trade taxation, like every other cost of industry, trickles down to the consumer when we buy products.  It will be one of the many “embedded” taxes that we pay unknowingly when we buy anything.  This leads to ever more “generational debt,” i.e. more national debt than the current generations can possibly pay off, therefore passed on to the yet unborn.

Can we stop this madness?  This administration is forging ahead with Cap and Trade, and with a rubber-stamp Congress, it is very likely that we will all be paying more and more.  We will also see more major American companies face bankruptcy from yet another disincentive to do business in this country, and more unemployment.  Think you will get a “green job” to replace the one you have now?  Think again.

This is taxation WITH representation, unlike the taxation our Founding Fathers faced with Britain, but are our members of Congress really looking out for us?  It’s time to contact your Representative in Congress and let them know that you want them to vote AGAINST cap and trade, no matter what special interest groups, lobbyists, other countries, and the President want.  Stop nailing the lid on this Nation’s coffin.

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