Monday, November 29, 2010

R / D / R / D / R / D / R / D

Time for an “I” or keep turning the coin?

1.    No president has sealed our southern border

2.    No president since Eisenhower has deported all illegal aliens

3.    Every president since Nixon has increased trade with China and encouraged US businesses to move there, losing jobs at home

4.    Every president for nearly 100 years has maintained the Federal Reserve system

5.    Every president for nearly 100 years has maintained Federal Income Tax

6.    No president since the creation of the Department of Energy has made us independent of foreign oil

7.    No president since the creation of the Department of Education has improved overall education levels in this country

8.    No president has eliminated the need for a welfare system since its creation 75 years ago

9.    Every president for over 100 years has been picked by the party, its core voters, and the press, NOT by we the people; the winner is ruled by his party

10. Presidents are influenced more by the Council on Foreign Relations than by what is best for America and Americans

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Am I A Sinophobe?

            In 1968, while I was stationed at Mactan AB, Republic of the Philippines with the Air Force, I travelled to Hong Kong for a week’s vacation.  I was not allowed to purchase or bring home ANYTHING from Communist China.  I wanted a Chairman Mao lapel button as a souvenir, but I could have been brought up on charges if I had one in my stuff.  Now, 42 years later, I have to be diligent to avoid buying things from China here at home.  I wish it was 1968 again.

            Communist China put a man in space two years ago using technology gleaned from the USA (and Russia) and paid for with US dollars.  Yes, Wal-Mart indirectly paid for their space program.  A month ago China announced that it has the fastest computer in the world.  Ever notice all the Chinese grad students at our engineering colleges?  Now, it appears that a Chinese nuclear ballistic missile submarine fired a missile in international waters off Los Angeles Nov. 8 in a show of military strength (  The sub apparently took a southern course to evade our Navy.  Japan took a northern course sixty-nine years ago to do the same.

Thank Congress, all recent Presidents, and the naivety of Americans for building up and enriching our greatest enemy in the world today.  Why do I consider Communist China our greatest enemy?  Because they consider us their greatest enemy! 

            Corporate America repeatedly said Communist China is a huge emerging market for American products, and a fast-growing economy that will overtake us.  They said the Communist Chinese want to be our friends, and we should embrace the global economy.  Just think of a billion Chinese buying our products.  Well, the top 20% of Chinese workers have an average annual income of $3,600.  The lowest 20% have an average income of $890, and the overall average income is $2,025.  What can they afford to buy that says, “Made in the USA”?  (Several sources, including USDA:

            Communist China has had “Most Favored Nation” trading status with us since 1979, when President Carter opened the door to, essentially, carte blanche trade.  The balance of trade shifted, and grew tremendously during the Reagan years.  In 1985 our trade deficit with Red China was $6.0 million.  By 1989 it increased a thousand-fold to $6,234.3 million, and is now $226,877 million (  Red China now refuses to buy our treasury bonds, holding enough of them already to collapse our economy.  Hence Quantitative Easing 2, the $600 billion purchase of our own bonds with our own newly-printed money.  Is Mr. Bernanke a genius, or what? Now we are passing the debt to our great-grandchildren!  Massive inflation is here.

            It’s time to stop the hemorrhage.  No matter what pull Wal-Mart lobbyists have with Congress, we need to pull MFN trade status from Communist China.  They have consistently violated rules of trade, from allowing copyright and patent infringement to outright theft of proprietary manufacturing secrets.  To the government of Communist China, the end justifies ANY means, and they are using every means available to propel their country to world hegemony.  Their greatest national accomplishment will be bringing the USA to its knees.  We need a kick-ass president, not an eloquent apologist.  When we refer to “China,” make sure we call it “Communist China,” so that we never again delude ourselves into thinking they are colleagues in this great, big world.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

The New Law of Diminishing Returns

            Economists throughout the world are still clinging to the flawed theory of John Maynard Keynes regarding “stimulating the economy” with huge infusions of money (our money) by the government.  It is flawed in that it never took into account human nature to save and preserve whatever money people have in savings, rather than spend it to induce production.  People aren’t going to blow every penny they have tucked away when times are bad unless they are absolutely sure the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train heading their way.

            But I digress, somewhat.  This is about a new law of diminishing returns.

            During the past two decades China has been touted as a huge new “emerging” economy, one which will grow incredibly in the near future.  China also offered extremely low labor costs, which would increase the profit margins of just about any manufacturing company you can name.  In the infinite wisdom of previous presidents and Congresses, the doors to American commerce were thrown open to China, allowing US companies to build factories there.  “Most Favored Nation” status was given to China, allowing virtually unchecked importation of Chinese goods to this country.  Wal-Mart was ecstatic.  CEOs were rubbing their palms with dreams of huge bonuses and returns to stockholders.

            But, wait, something is happening.  Americans are discovering that much of what we’ve been buying with the gold “Made in China” sticker just isn’t holding up like the products we used to have.  Here are two cases in point:

            From 1980, when I bought my first Hathaway shirts (Maine, USA) on sale, until the factory closed down because of uncompetitiveness, I was truly pleased with their product.  Never lost a button (trademark 3-hole), never had a flaw, and wore them until they were truly “worn out.”  Shopping for a replacement, the men’s-wear salesman said, “I’m sure you will like Eagle® shirts, they are really good quality.”  So, I bought three, then several months later, four more, and four more, etc.  Now, three years later, I’m finding that the buttons are disintegrating, the collar buttonhole is tearing, and the button-down collar buttons are actually coming off with a piece of the fabric it’s sewn to.  The fabric is also yellowing.  I’m unhappy with this Chinese product and will not buy any more.

            I’m a veterinarian, and I operate on pets nearly every day.  The first instrument I usually use is a scalpel blade.  For decades I bought blades made in England and Germany.  Now, supply houses offer a much “less expensive” blade under a variety of names, made in China.  I’ve gone through a few hundred of them, and today decided not to buy them anymore.  The one today cut like a dull hacksaw blade, roughly dividing the skin and requiring a second and third pass.  I ignored this problem many times before with these blades.  They have a high percentage of poor quality sharpening jobs.  I’ll pay more for a good product, and ordered my staff to find better quality.  Same goes for gut suture material on reels, skin staples, catheters and needles.  No more.  I’ll gladly pay triple for German Braun® suture that I can trust wasn’t actually made from cat gut.

            I’m sure mechanics across our country are experiencing the same problem with tools, as are carpenters and others who work with their hands and tools.  The tools are less expensive, but in the long run, need to be replaced much more often.  Heritage tools that are passed down from generation to generation will soon become a thing of the past, because now we are buying throw-away tools, since that’s just about all you can find in the stores.  Unless you become very selective.  I had six or seven different brands of hammer to choose from at my local big box supply store.  I picked Estwing®, made in my hometown of Rockford, IL.

            So, for all you CEOs out there, please take notice.  Your decision to put all your eggs in a Chinese basket were short-sighted.  You have reaped the benefits of cheap labor at the cost of millions of jobs lost here at home.  Our manufacturing base has been pared down to bare bones.  You have experienced increased profit margins from low-cost labor, but will see sales begin to decline due to unemployment and experience with inferior products.  Let’s call this the “Human Factor of Diminishing Returns.”  This applies to a wide range of products, from canned fruit to frozen seafood, electric toothbrush heads to jewelry, and hand tools to automobiles.  Time to rethink your decisions, and that goes for Congress, too.

            Throughout my lifetime we Americans have enjoyed being able to buy the finest products in the world, and we produced most of those things right here at home.  Great timepieces, like Hamilton®, Elgin®, and Waltham® were respected around the world, but died when equal and superior accuracy was achieved for less money in other countries.  High quality for fewer dollars won the marketplace.  American clothing prospered, like those Hathaway® shirts, and we could trust all the food produced in the USA.  Poor quality and marginal quality products were soon rejected by American buyers because we had dozens of other choices, and the nature of free market enterprise eventually weeded out the junk.  That will continue to be our ace in the hole, as long as we have alternative choices and are knowledgeable about what we are buying.

            So, American consumers, be aware of what you are spending your money on.  Do you want it to last, or pay less and have to replace it later?  What would be the end cost of this buying habit?  It will usually be more expensive in the long run.  We have been  fooled into believing that we are getting the same thing for less money.  Sometimes that’s true, but today it’s usually false.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Sides, Same Coin

            Now that we have begun swinging the other way with the political pendulum, we must wait to see what our newly-elected members of Congress will do for our country.  I’m not holding my breath to see if we secure our border(s), initiate nuclear power plant construction, begin drilling in ANWR, or pass The Fair Tax bill.  I really don’t expect any substantive change.

            So, here’s a thought for 2012.  If the Republicans and Democrats continue to avoid making important decisions for the betterment of our country, then why don’t the many tea party organizations across the land unite to promote their own candidate for president?  No, not necessarily Sarah Palin.  Along with this would be a requirement for the candidate to sign a legally-binding contract with the American people to ACT, without delay, on a list of issues critical to our future.  Here is an example:

Under A Legally-Binding Contract With Voters, the Tea Party Candidate for President Will, Without Delay:

Secure our border(s).
Order the Navy Seabees and Army Corps of Engineers to work from the coasts inland to erect a secure fence with secure crossing points, establish Coast Guard patrols, guard border with National Guard.

Revoke Most Favored Nation trading status from China.
            China has not complied with rules governing trade

Remove punitive powers from OSHA and EPA.
            Make OSHA and EPA advisory agencies; only states should prosecute.  Revoke
            their ability to impose monetary fines.

Close the Departments of Energy and Education.
            They have never achieved their purposes, but have become bloated
bureaucracies full of patronage workers.

Sign into law The Fair Tax, with repeal of the 16th Amendment.
            Congress should never have taken the power to tax our incomes.

Abandon Federal Minimum Wage law.
            Allow states to set their own minimum wage if they choose to do so.  Let a job
            pay what it is worth.

Revoke one-term pension from Congress.
Nobody else in this country gets a pension for working two years (except some executives by contract).

Will NOT convey executive pardon on any prior administration workers or presidents for

Make “Loser Pays” the national standard for tort reform.

Order that Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States
            that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives, and
            Congress shall make no law that apples to the Senators and/or Representatives
            that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.

Drill for oil now in the USA in ANWR, offshore, etc.  Increase domestic production to
            eliminate need for foreign oil.  Initiate construction of nuclear power plants.

Expand existing petroleum refineries and build at least three more, with one specializing
            in diesel fuel.

Stop all government subsidy of corn ethanol production.
            The corn ethanol industry has increased cost of food in the US.  We can buy
            ethanol from other countries for far less than it costs us to make it.

Invoke 12-year, cumulative term limits for Congress. 
            If you’ve been in Congress longer than 10 years, you are no longer working for
            the people you represent, but for yourself.  If it takes longer than 6 months to
            learn your job, you are not competent to hold that job.  For some, common sense
            is too hard.

Declare English our national language.

            Now, of course, this list must be agreed upon by the tea parties, and can be extensive.  It would legally require that, if elected, the President would do what his/her contract requires, all within the four-year term, and some ASAP.  Yes, I’m aware that he/she needs Congressional cooperation to do many of these things (except ordering the military construction of the border fence), but without the parties’ conflicting actions, perhaps an independent could get more done?

            Time to begin planning is now, unless you’re still “hoping” for “change.”