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2R – A Case for Revolution

2R – A Case for Revolution

By Donald K. Allen, MS, DVM
     Lt. Col., USAFR (Ret.)

            My political activity was essentially nonexistent prior to the year 2000.  I voted every other year primarily for Republican candidates, believing they represented my conservative viewpoint overall.  Raised in a Democrat family, issues were never really discussed; it was just the way my mother’s family had always voted.  They were immigrants from Lithuania. 

My father died when I was six, and Mom raised my older brother and me on Social Security survivor’s benefits, for which I will always be grateful.  I understood the program then to be a “safety net” for just such situations, where the breadwinner was suddenly lost, and the widow needed help.  Our family was by no means rich; in fact we were lucky to not be classified as “poor,” or at least, I thought so.  Had survivor benefits not been available, Mom would probably have lost our home, not being able to pay the monthly mortgage, but what would have happened then?  We would have moved in with Grandma, and many people did just that when they lost their homes.  My father-in-law lost possession of his home once, too, and they had to rent for a number of years. 

Now this administration is resurrecting President Franklin Roosevelt’s “Second Bill of Rights” from 1944. This "economic bill of rights,” as opposed to the political Bill of Rights, would guarantee: 1. Employment, with a living wage, 2. Freedom from unfair competition and monopolies, 3. Housing, 4. Medical care, 5. Education, and, 6. Social security.  Let’s take a look at this proposal.

1.     From the day you are born, the government will guarantee a job is waiting for you when you are old enough to work.  What age will that be?  I guess that will be decided in the future.  What job will that be?  The government will decide what job you may be qualified for, and what job workers are currently needed for.  (Want to be a doctor?  Sorry, we need computer-controlled lathe operators right now.)  This was the guarantee in the Soviet Union, too.

2.    There will be no “unfair competition” because the government will own all industry, which, in itself is a monopoly.  Same as in the USSR.

3.    You will be provided with housing.  It may be in a concrete high-rise; a “flat” of adequate size, just like all the others.  These are still being used all over Eastern Europe.  I’ve stayed in one.  There is one thermostat for the entire building.  You dress warm in the winters.  They were all owned by the state.

4.    You now have ObamaCare, so the state has control of that.  There was free health care in the Soviet Union, too.  It lagged woefully behind as medical care advanced in the West.

5.    You will be guaranteed an education (see 1.).  It may not be the education you want, but it will be the education the state needs.

6.    Social Security.  Check. 

These were the guarantees of communism.  Nothing has changed, but Obama believes he can make socialism work where others have failed.  These were basic planks of The Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848.  Read the ten points at  You’ll see that others are either in place in the USA or are in the process of development.

 There were “free elections” in the USSR.  And the Communist Party’s chosen candidate always won.  It was unanimous.  Now, in the last presidential election, we have seen that the Democrat/Liberal/Socialist/Communist Party has found that it has the ability, through enormous fraud, to win every coming election.  Computerized balloting makes it easy, and the Republican Party apparently has no desire to challenge voter fraud.  In fact, one writer stated that the two parties signed a binding contract in 1982 NOT to pursue suspected voter fraud.  So, a hundred more “elections” are not likely to change anything in Washington from this point on.

We vote for people we believe will represent us in the House of Representatives and the Senate, but our electoral process has become a delusion, a deception, and a diversion of the peoples’ attention.  They do not represent us.  From the day our Congressmen and women take office, the checks start pouring in from political action committees, corporations, political party groups, and individuals.  A freshman Representative can expect to receive at least a million dollars in his or her first term for their campaign funds.  This is the primary reason they are reelected at a rate of 98%.  It has very little to do with their voting records, since the vast majority of people pay no attention to that.  When they see the candidate up for reelection, and hear their names repeated on radio and television, the conditioning works, and they vote for them again.

Few political contenders can raise the funds for advertising, or muster the support of the party to unseat a loyal Representative.  Unless, that is, the Representative fails to obey party leadership.  Members of the House in both parties are told how to vote on each bill and issue.  That is why you see voting records of 100% alignment with their party.  Occasionally there are insignificant bills or matters that they may have “freedom” to vote one way or another, which accounts for voting records in the 90+ percentile instead.  (Look up your Congressperson’s record here:  Very likely, your Representative is just another puppet for the Party masters, and the masters are puppets of the corporations and wealthy interests.

This is not conjecture on my part; BOTH political parties are taking our country down the road to socialism, New World Order, and one world government under the United Nations.  And the UN will be controlled by those who provide the funding for its operations.  For the past 40+ years liberal socialism/progressivism/communism/ environmentalism/collectivism has been taught in our public education system, turning out good little people who do not question authority and believe that environmentalism trumps humanity (remember, 500 million people is the goal).  Stop coal-fired power plants and anything that may be negative toward the environment (again, the goal of pre-industrial levels of consumption).  The uber-wealthy scions of the world WANT socialism, because it puts total control of everything under the government.  As Mayer Amschel Rothschild, Godfather of the Rothschild Banking Cartel of Europe once said, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."  Conspiracy theories?  No.  This is reality; you just need to face it.

Free market capitalism and individual freedom helped create the greatest nation the world has ever known, the wealthiest and most prosperous.  That is, until socialism began infiltrating our government about a hundred years ago.  First President Woodrow Wilson decided that our Founding Fathers were outdated, and that we should “unshackle” government instead of limiting it.  He sowed the seeds of the untenable crop we have inherited.  President Franklin Roosevelt was the next big socialist to install what would become the greatest Ponzi scheme ever devised – Social Security.  This “savings plan” for retirement was subsequently twisted, stretched, modified, and enlarged to make it virtually unrecognizable from its original framework.  It is bankrupt, surviving only off of new workers’ contributions – classic Ponzi.

President Lyndon Johnson thought he could expand American socialism, and he created Medicare and Medicaid.  President Bill Clinton strengthened them by making it mandatory that every American citizen who reaches 65 years of age must apply for Medicare.  Yes, even you retired military types!  And you thought Tricare would take care of you for free forever.  You and your spouse will be paying at least $100 a month after 65 to fund Medicare.  Every time our Republican legislators “compromised” with the Democrats, socialism took another step forward in our country.  This has been going on my entire life.

The moment our Congress authorized redistribution of wealth, via Social Security, our Nation began to move down the slippery slope of socialism.  Now, workers are taxed not just to support Constitutionally-authorized government responsibilities, but a myriad of totally unrelated programs and policies that hand out dollars to millions of outstretched hands.  America has the wealthiest class of “poor” in the entire world.  Foreign Aid is another unconstitutional redistribution of America’s wealth.  The American taxpayer is supporting governments and populations around the world today, both financially and militarily.  It needs to stop.  The only Foreign Aid should consist of translated copies of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  These are the blueprints for success.

The People’s Republic of China is showing the world today that the communist form of socialism doesn’t work.  The ONLY reason Red China is advancing today is because it chose to embrace CAPITALISM.  After witnessing the downfall of the USSR and seeing the prosperity of Hong Kong under free market capitalism, the communist Chinese leaders made a wise decision.  That choice gave them a 50-year leap in technology, and modernized the industrial areas of the country virtually overnight.  Meanwhile, America is heading in the opposite direction.

There is also pressure, actually a driving force, from a group of uber-wealthy individuals who meet regularly to plan and plot the course of the world’s future.  Controlling the entire global economy is their ultimate goal, and they are well on their way to achieving it.*  They comprise a “shadow government” for many nations, including our own, and can buy and sell most third-world countries.  The most visible member in the USA is David Rockefeller, whose father donated the land for United Nations Headquarters in New York City.  The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which many believe steers our government, has been a baby of the Rockefellers.  Since its founding in 1922, nearly every Secretary of State has been a member of the CFR, with direct access to the president’s ear.  The CFR has even written a new “Constitution” for America.

I believe Rockefeller funded the building of the Georgia Guidestones in 1979 (, with a new “Ten Commandments” of sorts for the future of humanity.  Interestingly, the first, which requires a global population of just 500 million people, is repeated in the goals of the United Nations Agenda 21( ).  Agenda 21 was signed by 178 governments in 1992, and although the USA was not one of them, we have nevertheless been implementing most of the directive.  It requires taking civilization back to “pre-industrial levels of consumption,” meaning giving up most of the luxuries we now enjoy.  Makes you wonder just who the elitists are planning on “saving” to comprise the half billion people of the world.  Believe me, they’re serious, and you can rest assured that their families will be controlling the population.

It is not the purpose of the President of the United States to raise-up the people of other countries.  Obama’s job should be the elevation of every American by freeing the people of government intrusion and control.  But he is doing just the opposite, enlarging government and increasing the demands, rules, regulations, and prohibitions that strangle free enterprise.  His purpose is to destroy our economy using Cloward-Piven strategy, bringing all America to its knees so that we will beg for government salvation in the form of totalitarian socialism.  He is succeeding.  And there is only one hope left for America, and it is legally authorized by our Declaration of Independence.

“Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

We live today in America under far worse conditions of “taxation without representation” than our Colonial ancestors did.  King George III’s oppressive actions toward the Colonies pale in comparison to what “we the people” have tolerated for many decades, and now Obama is moving full speed ahead to change our Nation to his liking in the next four years.  Thirty years ago Americans worked the first three months of every year just to pay their tax burdens.  Today we must work over six months to do the same.  He will destroy every vestige of freedom and liberty first won by American Revolutionaries 237 years ago.  If we let him.  If we let them.

Five hundred retired generals and admirals signed a statement in support of Romney in the last election.  What they were stating was simply opposition to Obama’s plan for America.  Recently Marine Corps General James Mattis was relieved of duty without warning.  Obama appears to be purging our military of leaders who might oppose his orders.  General Mattis once said, "Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact."  Could this statement apply to domestic enemies of our country?

Oaths of enlistment and office state, “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”  Some might claim “domestic” enemies to be anyone who opposes the government, but they would be wrong.  If our government members ignore, override, or manipulatively reinterpret the Constitution, THEY are its enemies, not the citizens who may march to overthrow their illegal actions and restore its original intents.  “Progressives” believe mankind has moved ahead, and that the Constitution no longer applies in this modern age.  On the contrary, this document was written by men far more intelligent than those in Washington today; men who fully understood HUMAN NATURE.  The Founding Fathers could not comprehend future inventions or events, but they knew that government must be restrained or men and women would abuse their powers and expand government far beyond any needs.  Such as been the case since Congress first allowed a step outside the guardrails of the Constitution.

Col. Lawrence Sellin (USAR, Ret.) wrote an article in the New York Daily Sun recently entitled, “Only rebellion can save America.”

I agree.  Time to plan a spring offensive on Washington, D.C., perhaps a fitting day would be April 15, 2013.  Discourse and election campaign promises are over; we must act with armed revolt or our grandchildren will be raised in a communist land, devoid of any semblance to the free America we grew up in.  Our military must obey their oaths and not defend the Capitol, but stand with the Revolution.  Police must do the same; stand down, and recognize the true traitors for who they are – Congress and President Obama, the moneyed lobbyists of K Street, and all who would transform our Nation from free market capitalism to collective socialism.  It ends now.


* The Bilderberg Group is one assembly of elitists that  meet on a regular basis to discuss world government.

Another “control” organization, founded by Rockefeller, is the Trilateral Commission. They are not alone.

Note:  There are many sources of information available on the internet.  I primarily use Wikipedia, but no single source is totally reliable or factual.  Please read the listed references, then move on to adequately substantiate the information.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Inauguration Demonstration

            I first saw a note on the internet a couple months ago about a demonstration on the National Mall at 9 a.m. Monday, Jan. 21, 2013. I decided to go and join them, believing there would be hundreds with upside-down U.S. flags in protest. For me, the protest would be against many things: Our country is being led down the path of socialism by BOTH political parties, the soon-to-be $17 trillion US debt does NOT fall on my children’s and grandchildren’s shoulders (they did not incur that debt, Congress and presidents did for the past 100 years), the current attack on our Second Amendment (I’m an Oath Keeper), Congress has become totally corrupt and we need term limits to change that, we need to get out of Afghanistan NOW (any further loss of American life  is unjustified, like dying after peace was declared in WWII), America has fought socialism all my life and my 20-year military career involved fighting communism yet by many estimations we now have a communist president, Obama is using Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy our Nation economically and in fact, UN Agenda 21 is being implemented here in the U.S.A. and we need to defund the UN and close their Headquarters in NYC, we need to get UNESCO out of our public school system and stop teaching a liberal/socialist/progressive agenda.

          So, I set my alarm clock for 1:30 a.m. Monday morning, but got up at 1:15. Put on my woodland camouflage BDUs (the Air Force uniform I served in, but not the current issue), packed my flagpole, flags, water, parka and helmet in a backpack. I was out the door and on my way by 2:02.
          From Youngstown, OH, I got on 76 and headed east. Very light traffic, with a few truckers, but I began to notice a lot of buses heading east. Must be full of Obama voters from Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, etc.?

          I arrived in D.C. about 7 a.m. and tried to head toward the Mall, but found that National Guard troops in digital camo uniforms had placed a cordon around the capital and mall area, and were directing people away. I pulled over at one intersection, rolled down the window and spoke to a Guardsman from West Virginia. I said I’d just driven five hours to get to the Mall and asked if there was a way I could get in. He asked if I had a pass, and I didn’t, so he said he was sorry, but couldn’t let me in. I drove on, crossed the Potomac, and found a way to get back by following a cab. Did this loop twice looking for a place to park.

          On my second pass, I stopped at another blocked street and pulled over. There were two Guardsmen and a young D.C. policeman. The policeman came over, and I told him I was trying to get to the Mall. He thought about it for a minute, and possibly because I was in uniform, he said, “I’ll let you in here. Go to 17th Street and turn right. You might find a place to park there.” I did, and at E Street I saw a few parking meters that hadn’t been marked for the parade and security. There were four other cars parked there, so I thought it might be safe and I wouldn’t be towed. It was so packed and with no traffic, I hoped I was right.

          I pulled the 7’ aluminum collapsing pole out of the back of the SUV and grabbed my backpack. Nothing had been searched to this point. The pole is telescoping aluminum tubing, with a 2” diameter bottom section, that extends to 15’. Made by Uncommon USA, a great American company that made the poles at my office and home. I had a 3’ X 5’ U.S. Flag and a white Culpepper Flag. I packed a yellow Gadsden Flag, too, in case I changed my mind. I shouldered the pack and carrying the pole over my shoulder, headed toward Constitution Avenue and the National Mall.

          One police officer did stop me on the way down 17th Avenue and said that they may not allow the pole on the Mall because it could be used as a weapon. I’m sure he didn’t consider this, but it is about the size of a Bangalore torpedo. I replied that I would take my chances and just bring it back if they refused. I passed many security people, including FBI, US Marshals, Guard police, DC police, and others in various uniform. I was eyeballed by most of them, being in a camouflage uniform with a helmet hanging on my pack and carrying what appeared to be a pole with a gold globe and hooks at one end.

          I walked with a scattering of people toward the Capitol, passing the Washington Monument on my right. One of the Guardsmen I met had given me a copy of the US Secret Service map for Inauguration Day, showing the pedestrian walking route, parade route, and the National Mall Access Points. I thought for sure I would be searched at the access point, but nobody ever searched me or my belongings. I entered at 8th Street and found they had covered the Mall with plastic decking to protect the grass. I continued east and noticed a raised police observation platform on the left with dark glass. Surely I had to stand out to them.

          Moving east I got closer and crossed what would be 7th St., which was an opening between the plastic decking with no grass, just dirt. I stepped up onto the next plastic decking and decided it would be a good place to camp. Another police observation post was raised just to my left, and I took a picture of it. I thought they could watch me and see that I wasn’t doing anything dangerous. After a few minutes to get settled, I put my cover (cap) away and put on my helmet. Then I reached into my pack and pulled out the two flags, hooking them onto the snaps just below the gold ball. Then I raised the flag upside-down. It was about 8:30 a.m.

          People behind me (west) were behind barricades that allowed a passage area between the decking. They began to “boo” and heckle me. I turned toward them and a young woman gave me the finger. I was concerned that I might be mobbed, but before I raised the flag I asked some Guardsmen in the walk area if they believed in First Amendment rights. I said I would be raising a flag upside-down, and they didn’t seem to be bothered by that.

          Some of the red stocking-capped “greeters” or staff came up to me and asked why the flag was upside-down. This was my first opportunity to explain, and I said that it is a sign of distress, that our country is in dire distress, and that people need to understand this. “We are losing our Nation to socialism,” I concluded. Most of them just looked confused. I gathered that these were people who normally had a government job in D.C. and were making a little extra money on Martin Luther King Day, a work holiday for them. Then cameramen and reporters took note and came over to ask what I was protesting. I generally said that I was protesting many things, including the attack on our right to bear arms, but mostly that we were slipping toward becoming a socialist nation, and that I would fight that any way I could. In further explanation, I said that both political parties were taking us down the socialist road, and that every time the Republicans compromised with the Democrats, socialism gained another inch. I added that by many accounts we now have a president who is a communist, referring to his statements about “redistributing wealth,” a classic Marxist subject.

          Some people asked to have their picture taken with me, and others just asked what I was doing. A man came up and said that this is the greatest country in the world, why are you protesting? After explaining to him and his son, I asked where he was from and he said he came from Iran twenty years ago and is now a U.S. citizen. I agreed that we still have the best country in the world, but we have problems we must face, like the fact that our government is bankrupt (the government, not the people). He said, “You know you would not be able to do what you are doing in most other countries?” I said, “Yes, I would probably be shot. That’s why our Founders created the First Amendment.”

          I stood there for about two hours, and was interviewed by CNN and even some foreign journalists. While explaining to the well-dressed CNN reporter that Obama was using Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy our economy, and thereby, our country, I asked if he knew what Cloward-Piven was. He did not. Nor did any of the other people I spoke with. I admitted to some that until about six years ago, neither did I. Nobody knew about UN Agenda 21 either. And, of course, nobody ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones, which dovetails with Agenda 21 in calling for a world population of 500 million people. Ignorance and apathy.  As long as your life’s comfort level is satisfactory and you are not “suffering,” people don’t care much about what is happening outside their little sphere.

          When the CNN crew was interviewing me the crowd behind me began chanting, “O-bam-a, O-bam-a” to drown out what I was saying. Didn’t bother me, because, after all, this was CNN and they probably wouldn’t air anything negative on Obama’s big day.

          A lady came up with a group of ten young men who appeared high school age. She told her class that, “Here is a person exercising his First Amendment rights.” She then asked if they had any questions for me, and I was able to explain a lot in the 15 minutes or so that we talked. It was great. Young, open minds willing to listen to reason. I told them that when I graduated from college it took me the first three months of the year to pay my taxes; now it takes over six months, and it would be even more for them if we continued on this road. I gave them homework to look up Cloward-Piven and decide for themselves if President Obama is using this strategy.

          Obama supporters, sycophants, and future serfs were generally well-behaved. There were vendors everywhere hawking all kinds of Obama-wear, buttons, brochures and programs, flags and banners. I saw two types of U.S. flags that were desecrated with imprints of Obama’s face and another with “2013” and a Capitol symbol. THIS is desecration and disrespectful. What I was doing was not.

          A young man with a Chinese girlfriend asked why I was doing this. When I said we were losing our country to socialism, he replied that he lives in China. I said that the ONLY reason China was prospering is because it embraced capitalism. His only response was, “Yeah, there’s a lot of capitalism.”

          About 11 a.m. I decided to move further east toward the Capital. Shouldn’t have done that. Went about 50 feet and stopped for a moment. A red-capped staff woman came up to me on my left and loudly stated, “Sir, I have a handicapped section over here and they said your flag is interfering with their view of the Jumbotron.” Immediately I saw on my right two six-foot D.C. police captains approach, and they said, “Sir, we have a complaint and we’re going to have to move you off the Mall.” He added, “We have a special area for you First Amendment people. You can demonstrate all you want there, and there’s a Jumbotron, too.” I answered, “OK, no problem. Lead on and I’ll follow.” I collapsed the pole and wrapped the flags. They were in a hurry. Grabbing my pack, I followed one and was trailed by the other officer. People were cheering that I was being escorted away. I said, “This is your First Amendment, too!” But then I made no other comments, not wanting to upset the captains.

          We went to the sidewalk on Madison Drive at 7th, and the first captain said, “You want to go to 17th and Monroe. There’s an area there for First Amendment demonstrators. I don’t want to see you back on the Mall.” I thanked the kind officers and began hiking back west ten blocks, then north on 17th. Two people stopped me on the way and asked to take a picture, to which I complied. I must have really looked out of place carrying the furled flagpole in a full camouflage uniform.

          I never did find “17th and Monroe.” Those streets do not intersect on my maps. I think it was just a ruse to get me off the Mall and ten blocks away from the “celebration.” It worked. I saw that it was getting close to noon, and I told my wife I’d be home by 5, so I packed up and headed out. I didn’t want to spend one more minute in that place than I had to. Even when I was running for U.S. Congress in Ohio I couldn’t imagine “liking” Washington, with all the corruption, moneyed lobbyists prostituting members of Congress, homeless people living on heating grates, general dishonesty of politicians, and the power struggles between “senior members” of Congress.

I thought a Representative went to Washington to vote for the best interests of the 6 to 7 hundred thousand people of his or her district. Not so. Freshmen Congresspersons must obey their senior party leadership or risk having the party run someone against them in the next primary. You vote the way you’re told to vote; there is no independent thought or reasoning. Just check U.S. Congress Votes Database - The Washington Post” and see how your Representative votes. If it’s 100% with his or her party, you elected a puppet. Even those with high 90’s are patsies. The one person with the best voting record, in my opinion, was Congressman Ron Paul, who voted with his party 70+% of the time. There is a man who has a conscience. And honor.