Friday, September 10, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque Another Jihad Victory

The president has approved building the mosque near ground zero. He spoke to guests during his “iftar dinner” Aug. 13 at the White House, celebrating Islam’s Ramadan, saying, “do unto others as we would have them do unto us.” Mr. Obama knows all about Islam. He knows that the Koran (Qur’an) allows and promotes lying to, cheating, enslaving, and even killing infidels (that’s the rest of us).

One thing we must never overlook is the fact that Islam is not just a religion, but also a form of government; one that wants world dominance in both forms with Sharia law. Remember how Muslims around the world danced and celebrated the attacks on 9/11? Well, a mosque at ground zero will be icing on the cake, and will represent a symbolic victory, as well as further advancement of Islam into the heart of the “devil” – Great Satan America. Almost as symbolic as building a mosque on the site of a former Christian church.

“Do unto others” Mr. Obama? I’ll accept a mosque at ground zero when they allow Bibles in Saudi Arabia. We are a Nation that allows freedom of religion - or are we? No Bibles in our schools, no religious symbolism in or on any government buildings. That will change, however, if Islam takes over, because then every government building will have the Koran in it. Of course, the Constitution will be long gone by then, too.

I refuse to be a second-class citizen in an Islamic world, no better than a dog to them. I’ve chosen the Prince of Peace, and reject the warrior prophet. Muslims are welcome in the USA and always will be. But they will be treated as equals, not as “infidels” to us.


  1. Rather than threatening to burn the koran, why don't we threaten to READ the koran?? And then carry out that threat. Think of the power of that attack on the non-religion of Islam!!!
    Most of us believe the devil exists as the one who tempted Jesus for 40 days in the desert and who continues to tempt us today. In fact we study about the ways and powers of the evil one in our churches and synagogues regularly. It is time we included reading the koran there to learn the truth about the muslim non-religion. And remember the earlier koranic citations of peacefulness are over-ruled by the citations calling for ruthless conquest that were written later, according to the koran itself.
    Thanx, VGS

  2. I do not understand why any African-American who is aware of historic fact would consider embracing Islam. It was not Irish slave traders who put their ancestors into bondage. It was not Australian slave traders, either. It was ARAB SLAVE TRADERS that raided the African villages, captured men, women, and children, and sold them into slavery. The vast majority of slaves went to Muslims throughout the Middle East, but we never hear about them. We only hear about the "lucky" ones who ended up in America; their descendents now live without need to ever work. The ones who went east instead of west have descendents who may still be enslaved today. Yet Louis Farrakhan would tell them that Islam is compassionate toward their plight here in the USA.

  3. Of course I like your statement about the N.Y.
    mosque. It cannot and should not be built so
    close to ground zero, for all the reasond you
    And of course it's so very true about the
    Arab slave traders being the first to abduct
    blacks from Africa. This should be taught in school....lots of luck there.