Sunday, September 12, 2010

Islam Not Founded Peacefully

     Have Muslims forgotten their history?  Are the facts to be denied?  Muhammad (PBUH) founded the religion of Islam and spread it with the sword.  He was regarded as the “Warrior Prophet.”  He personally led at least 21 major battles against Arab clans, trying to unite the tribally-fractured race and impose his religion over their former paganisms. (

     Islam was not spread by peaceful missionaries preaching conversion.  It was a requirement of conquered people to embrace Islam or die.  Of course, they did have other choices: 1. Run away, 2. Become a slave, or 3. Buy their way out (a tax).  Once established in a conquered land, it became traditional, and since no other religious proselytizing was allowed under punishment of (you guessed it) death, it was all the next generation knew.  And so it grew.

     Pull out your dictionary and look up the word, “assassin.” Surprised?  Yes, this kind of murder/suicide has been going on since the Crusades.  Speaking of the Crusades, the area of Palestine was, prior to the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), predominantly  Hebrew (Jewish), with considerable establishment of Christianity for 570 years.  Palestine, too was conquered by the forces of Islam.  When Muslim forces took Jerusalem, they built their mosque on TOP of the site Solomon's Temple, just to show superiority, conquest, and dominance.

     Are you really curious now? Look up an article written in the August 1917 issue of National Geographic entitled, “Mecca the Mystic,” page 157.  You might have to go to the library for this one, unless you have the CD set. Further on, on page 171 you will find a description of Muhammad’s (PBUH) grave in his mosque
in Medina. There are four graves there and a place for a fifth. “According to Moslem tradition, it was the wish of Mohammed that this place should be reserved for Jesus on his second coming and death.” Does this not imply that He/they believed Jesus was, indeed, The Messiah?  Things have changed a lot.

     Now Islamic sources are saying that everyone was originally born a Muslim!  And when Jesus returns he will be a Muslim Jesus who will slay the Christian Jesus with a spear.  They just keep making things up to convince the ignorant masses.  At least they are keeping with their history of forcing religion with the sword.

     Peaceful religion?  It never has been.

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