Saturday, September 15, 2012

Preparing for Civil War

People throughout our Nation are preparing for a civil war.  It will be much more than our first Civil War; it will be multi-faceted.  There will be constitutional conservatives against socialists, blacks against everyone else, Christians against socialists who support Muslim sharia law, those who have food stored against those who have none, poor against wealthy, and it will be an opportunity for people to steal everything they can get their hands on, as has happened in many inner-city riots.  And it will be revolutionaries against our corrupted government, seeking to return to original-intent constitutionalism; oath-keepers against oath breakers.

Those who are preparing (“preppers,” if you will), are doing so for multiple contingencies, including economic collapse, infrastructure collapse, natural disasters, and electro-magnetic pulse destruction of our electronics.  Much of this envisions a stoppage of food supply to our inner cities, resulting in roving bands of people seeking food any way they can get it, and it will eventually be by force.  It will be a simple matter of survival.

Notice the increase in “zombie” movies and news reports of cannibalism?  If you want to know what will happen when the food runs out, read about Stalingrad during WWII when that city was encircled by the German Army.  It occurs, and can happen again.  Zombie “fiction” based on the reality of human nature when acts of desperation mean survival or not.

Most people I’ve talked to, from Certified Public Accountants (four I know of), investment specialists, and bankers, to coal miners, small business owners, and health professionals, believe that if Obama is reelected, the USA is toast.  Obama intends to destroy our country, and if you haven’t awakened to that yet, you need to get off of the sleep medications.  He is definitely using Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy our economy/Treasury, cripple our energy production, and follow UN Agenda 21 to bring America down.  If this fraud who has taken over our government is not prosecuted, it will be the biggest travesty of justice our country has ever seen.   

So, folks, remember the fable of the ant and the grasshopper.  Prepare while you can.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Punished for Success? Of Course, It’s the New America!

           Can I vent?  Just a little?  First understand that I retired from the Air Force Reserve in 2010 after serving a total of over 20 years in active and reserve services.  The commitment required that I do two weeks straight each year, then twelve days through the rest of the year.  As a solo veterinarian, I had to hire a relieve vet every time I served, and that meant I lost money each day I went to the Reserve.  But, I thought, I will get the great retired military health insurance benefit, Tricare, in the end, so beside my patriotic bent to repay my country for the privilege of being born here, it was worth it.

            Tricare is great.  Pays for just about everything.  But wait, I turned 65 in April 2012, and in October 2011 I was notified that I HAD TO SIGN UP for Medicare.  I said, “I don’t want to.  I have Tricare.”  After all, it’s all coming out of the same Treasury, isn’t it?  No, I had to sign up for Medicare Parts A and B.  So, I thought, OK, I’ll jump through one more hoop just to satisfy our government’s requirement.  No problem, right?  After all, I’ve been paying most of my life into the fund for Medicare anyway, so I deserve the benefits.

            Not so fast.  In February 2012 I received an invoice for Medicare coverage from 4/1/12 to 6/30/13 for $299.70 ($99.90 per month).  What the?  Tricare wasn’t costing me anything, and now I have to PAY for Medicare?  This sucks!  But, wait, there’s more.  In March I received a letter stating that my monthly premium would be $319.70 beginning April 2012.  Next I received a letter stating that if I made too much money, there would be additional charges.  The maximum is $219.80 for Part B and $66.40 for prescription drug coverage.  Yesterday I received a bill for Medicare coverage 7/1/12 through 9/30/12 for $1,618.50 ($539.50 per month)!!!

               I went online to see if I could withdraw from Medicare.  Nope, Bill Clinton signed a 
law that forbids it.  I sent an e-mail to a man that wrote an article, “Medicare Is Mandatory,” and asked him if there is anything I can do.  He replied, “Sorry to hear about this. My only advice is to do whatever you can to turn back socialism before it gets even worse.”  (He doesn’t know I DID run for federal office, twice.)

            My wife will be taking last year’s income tax return to the Social Security office to see about getting this “adjusted.”  I can’t take time off work to do it myself, and I work six days a week.  What do you think?  Should I quit, shut down and put five other people out of work?  I’d love to, just so that I could minimize the tax stolen from me by my government (yes, stolen at the point of a gun).  In the past ten years I’ve paid well over a million dollars in tax to our thrifty government.  Who would better spend that money, me or Washington?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Judgment Day

Just watched “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment; Is There An Ancient Mystery That Foretells America’s Future?”  The parallels are distinct; clearly the events of 9/11and subsequent actions have similarly occurred before.  The warnings, harbingers, are written on the wall.

Many Americans will continue denying that their country is a Christian Nation, as if repeating this opinion can change historic fact.  The literature, letters, and other writing from our founding days is gleaned of phrases referring to “God” or other Devine inferences in our schools.  Our children are subsequently ignorant of the many events in America’s early history that prove a close relation between church and state, not a separation.

In an attempt to ensure true freedom of religion, unlike the British State that installed a national religion, the founders wrote, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  This was so important to them all that it was written as the very first words of the First Amendment.  So, our Congress can never pass a law that says all Americans will be Catholic, or Jewish, or Baptist, etc.  But the next part of that sentence HAS been violated, and free exercise of religion has been prohibited from our governments and public schools by our Supreme Court, which is supposed to uphold the Constitution. 

How did this happen?  Using a LETTER written by Thomas Jefferson, wherein he wrote the words, "wall of separation between church and state" it was construed by some citizens to mean that there should never be intermingling of the two.  And so, the Supreme Court prohibited the free exercise of religion in the United States.  That occurred in schools in the early 1960s, thanks to the efforts of atheists, and it is an ongoing work to degrade religious belief and reduce the position of the church in our society. 

A decade later, in 1973, the Supreme Court legalized abortion.  This, too, was another strike at religious belief in the guise of women’s liberation and a woman’s “right” to destroy a life within her.  The legal presentation before the Supreme Court in favor of legalization was one of the most deceptive and devious arguments ever heard in that chamber.  (See “The Marketing of Evil” by David Kupelian.)  Our country has condoned human sacrifice.

America has turned its back on God.  Officially.  And efforts continue to even remove “In God We Trust” from our currency, to erase every vestige of Divine belief from our eyes and the eyes of future generations.  This is the goal of “progressives,” who believe that mankind has developed and advanced beyond any need for religion.  Progressives believe that all people need now is more government, and less control of their own liberties.

We are on the brink of revolution.  Let those of us who intend to participate pray to God that we will succeed in evicting socialist evil throughout our land, and that we will restore His place in our Nation.  This may indeed be an American Crusade.

In George Washington’s inaugural address he stated, “the propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained.”  In my lifetime, America has disregarded many of those rules of order, and is even now seeking to “expand” the standards for holy matrimony, contrary to the Bible.

Washington finished his address with these words, “since He has been pleased to favor the American people with opportunities for deliberating in perfect tranquillity, and dispositions for deciding with unparalleled unanimity on a form of government for the security of their union and the advancement of their happiness, so His divine blessing may be equally conspicuous in the enlarged views, the temperate consultations, and the wise measures on which the success of this Government must depend.”

The harbingers are God’s warnings to return to Him.  It’s not too late, and it is redemption that He wants of us, not our destruction.  Creeping corruption has been spreading over our land so pervasively that today we more resemble Sodom and Gomorrah than 18th or even 19th Century America.  Our elected officials have done this, but with our tacit blessing with election and reelection.  Corruption is endemic in Washington, D.C., and those tentacles of corruption spread even to our own state houses.

It will not suffice to simply say, “God bless America,” or pray for our future.  We must ACT as allowed for in the Declaration of Independence, “it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security,” if not in the voting booth, then by arms. 

Today half of Americans are favored by the socialism they vote for, thereby ensuring their continued voting for the same representation in Washington to preserve this largesse.  We can either wait for the financial destruction of national bankruptcy to trigger revolt, or we can preempt that calamity and do it now. 

Look to Iceland for direction.  The people of Iceland took control of their government, banks, and currency.  They are now embarking on a promising future with a clean slate and new controls over their government, rather than letting their government control them.  It’s time we did the same.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

American Education

American Education                                                                                               April 5, 2012

By Donald K. Allen, MS, DVM

            I recently finished reading Psychological Warfare and the New World Order by Servando Gonzalez.  It is a well-documented, factual story of how the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and other elitist world organizations are working toward a one-world government.  It’s true, and it is happening. 

            I’m now embroiled in another book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, and am finding it shocking.  The two books dovetail, in that part of the plan for a New World Order is that the USA must be brought down to a “level playing field” with the rest of the world.  Just incredible!  I tend to be a skeptic, but I’ve seen and read too much, and am convinced America is heading for the destruction of our Founding Fathers’ plan for us and our country.

            This month I will turn 65.  Graduated from high school in 1965, and in retrospect I believe the public school education I received was relatively well-balanced.  Not too much capitalism, not too much socialism, and very little environmentalism.  And we did learn quite a bit about our Nation, its founders, and what makes America great.  The citizens of this country have done phenomenal things in the short time the USA has been in existence.  We became the most advanced sovereign country on the planet in the short span of 200 years (actually less than that).

            So what about this “psychological warfare” and “dumbing down”?  There is no doubt that the creation of the federal Department of Education has done nothing to improve education in this country.  It has declined.  Perhaps intentionally, but at the same time steered consistently down the path of liberal socialism.  And now I know this is true.

            Last week I read about the creation of an online site to offer Americans a choice for president other than one from our two-party system.  The old saw that a third party will split the vote and allow the “wrong” candidate to win has always worked in the past to keep the two political parties omnipotent in American politics.  I signed onto and began answering the 247 questions regarding current subjects affecting us and the world.  When you give your answer, you are then shown a map of the USA indicating how the rest of the country feels about the question.  That’s when I had an “OMG” moment.

            It is readily apparent that most of the people on this site are strongly liberal-socialist-environmentalist, and that I do not fit in this “mainstream.”  How could so many Americans become so brainwashed into believing that these philosophies would be good for our country?  Simple.  It was planned that way, and our children have been spoon-fed socialism for the past 50 years in an education system designed to do so.

            For many years we’ve discussed the fact that many of our colleges and universities have become extremely liberal, from Berkeley in the west to Columbia in the east; they are focal points of socialist education.  Have been throughout the 20th Century.  But I didn’t realize that our public school K-12 has been so completely rechanneled into training our children to be little commies!!  They are not only taught socialism, they are taught to LOVE it, and believe it is the way of the future.  Same with a New World Order and one-world government.  It’s the future for us all.

            So, what can those of us who still have independent thought and judgment do to save America?  First, get rid of the federal Department of Education.  It has done about as much good as the Department of Energy.  Second, remove all members of the CFR from positions of authority in our federal and state governments.  The “League of Extraordinarily Wealthy Gentlemen” who have a plan for the future world that will be “good for all,” will also ensure that this plan will be even better for them and their families.  They love socialism because it eliminates competition, ensuring profits for their companies and interests.  Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford and other ultra-wealthy dynasties have always supported communism, even funding Stalin and the USSR.  Armand Hammer is just a minor case in point.  Read about him.

            Third, home school your children or enroll them in a private school (like the wealthy do) that will not “mainstream” their thinking.  Teach them the greatness of our Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.  Teach them not what to think, but HOW to think. 

            Money does not equate to quality education.  Many of the greatest minds in our early history were self-taught, or learned in bare-bones school houses with NONE of the modern “aids” we have now.  They learned Greek and Latin, and read original texts in those languages.  Today I heard that spelling was going to be downgraded in schools because we have computer “spell check.”  OMG!  Compose a sentence for me using to, too, and two, and there, their, and they’re.  Most kids today can’t.*  You can have it all wrong, but it will be spelled right according to the computer.  I hope they don’t downgrade grammar!

            Fourth, explain to your children/grandchildren that socialism has never worked (use examples of the USSR, Nazi Germany, and Communist China before it embraced capitalism), and that it never will.  Explain the truths about environmentalism and the fraud of global warming, and what a “false flag” means.  Read “State of Fear” by Michael Crichton together.  Read The Constitution together and discuss what they feel the original intent of the writers was, and how it still applies to today’s world.  Teach them to question authority when they disagree.  Teach them individualism and independent thinking.

            If those in economic and political power continue to drive the American sheeple down the road to a socialist New World Order, at least our children will know better, and pass on the torch of liberty and freedom to their children.

            Now, what about “Americans Elect?”  Is it an effort to split the Republican vote and help Obama get reelected?  Will it truly give us a third choice that can potentially win by a landslide if all the “independent” voters out there get behind it?  Its founders certainly fit into the League of Extraordinarily Wealthy Gentlemen’s Club.  Could this be a very clever tool to keep us on the New World Order track?  Only time will tell.


*They’re going to the store over there with their two siblings too.  (now make up your own)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Take A Stand

Dear Friends, Patriots,
            I have pondered this action for many months.  On Saturday, March 24, at 2 p.m. in front of my office at 4501 Market St., Youngstown, OH 44512, I will read the following press release.  Seeing the accelerating usurpation of powers by our executive branch, it is time for a clarion call.

             Stand with me, if you will.  I will be wearing our Nation’s Air Force Battle Dress Uniform (BDU), with a WWII M1 Garand and helmet slung on my back.  (The Garand will be UNloaded, with an orange plastic cleaning block in the breech.  It is old enough to be a “curio or relic.”)

For Immediate Release:

Youngstown, OH - Saturday, March 24, 2012, 2 p.m.

By Donald K. Allen, MS, DVM
      Lt. Col., USAFR (Ret.)

Stand Up America

            If the Russians had stood up to Stalin’s Soviet Communism, it would have saved millions of lives.  If the Germans had stood up to Hitler’s Nazi socialism, it would have saved millions of lives.  If the Chinese had stood up to Mao’s Chinese communism, it would have saved millions of lives. 

             Now we face the same circumstances, and the future result if we do nothing will also mean the loss of millions of American lives.  Socialism doesn’t work, never has, and never will no matter what the “leader” believes.  Communist China survives today, and thrives ONLY because it has embraced CAPITALISM.  Socialistic systems cannot survive in and of themselves; they need massive taxation of worker capitalists to fund their social programs. 

             Today we are seeing what socialism/progressivism/Marxism is doing to our country, and we must stop this insane trend toward a one-world government under the United Nations.  The UN’s Agenda 21 is a world plan of “Sustainable Development” that will turn the United States into a second-rate nation, funding a welfare-state world.  Agenda 21 is global communism; read it and decide for yourself.

             Groups of powerful, ultra-wealthy individuals are treating the earth as their modern playground empire, manipulating governments and fomenting population unrest to create crises that a “New World Order” will supposedly quell and control.  That they will control.  It was the dream of Alexander, Genghis Khan, Caesar, and Hitler, and this power-motivated sickness of delusional grandeur and utopia is with us today.  All Americans need to learn everything they can about the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which has become our shadow government, steering every administration in my lifetime.  The CFR has even written a “new” Constitution for our country!

             Not since the Civil War has our country been at greater peril of losing all sovereignty and self determination.  The executive branch is continually seizing more power over us.  I now invert the Flag of the United States of America as a symbol of distress, for our Nation is seriously in danger of collapse and destruction from the actions of domestic enemies of our Constitution.  This president and the puppet politicians who now inhabit our Congress, as well as the weak and socialist-leaning Supreme Court, have allowed our great country to wither as if with a moral cancer eating away at Liberty, Freedom and Sovereignty.

            I hereby stand up for my country and loudly shout, “Enough!  I will not allow you to destroy the greatest form of government ever created on earth.”  Let all Americans who share my feelings stand up now, and stop this destruction.  As a matter of national security - close our borders and deport ALL illegals.  Access ALL sources of energy within our borders, remove punitive powers of the EPA and OSHA, abolish income tax in favor of a consumption tax, close 20% of our foreign military bases every year, revoke “Most Favored Nation” status from Communist China, renegotiate or abolish all free trade agreements, and stop all foreign aid.  And most importantly, expel current and former members of the Council on Foreign Relations from all levels of our federal government.  America First, Americans First.

             On my back are symbols of my willingness and resolve.  Like our Founding Fathers who rebelled against the tyranny of George III, if there be insurrection let it begin here, for my only regret is that I have but one life to give for my country, and I will give that life to restore and preserve Liberty and Freedom in the United States of America, so help me God.  And, may God give us the strength and determination to see this through; restoring His place in our great Nation once again.

Thomas Paine said, “if there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”  I swore an oath to protect our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Today I act on that oath and stand up for The Constitution of the United States of America.  I also ask that all current and former members of our military and law enforcement agencies join Oath Keepers with me, to remember and keep the oath that you took.


Office:  4501 Market St.
             Youngstown, OH 44512

Phone:  330 782-7333

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No More Pets

By Donald K. Allen, DVM

            Love pets?  I sure do.  Can you imagine a future America that forbids pet ownership?  Perhaps you should become more familiar with the UN’s Agenda 21, a plan for the world written in 1992.  Along with liberal/socialist indoctrination in our public school systems, Agenda 21’s plan for “sustainable development” is being taught as the future for us all.

             Although our children and grandchildren are “educated” in the benefits of Agenda 21 through a variety of good-sounding programs, mainly environmentalism, most adults are in the dark.  Would you be more interested in learning what’s going on if you knew that Agenda 21 requires the “downsizing” of the world’s population by about one third?  How about “changing consumption patterns” of Americans?  You know we consume too much electricity, oil and gas, too many automobiles and other costly products.  Agenda 21 is going to bring America’s affluence under control, and President Obama is doing his part to destroy our economy (part of the plan).

            Hillary Clinton loves Agenda 21, and the UN for that matter.  She’s all for the USA being a nation subservient to the UN, and she’s doing her best to keep us rolling in that direction.  Americans should look behind the curtain and see who is really behind this movement – the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an organization founded by David Rockefeller.  An unedited list of CFR members can be found at  I saw Barack Obama’s name on the Wikipedia CFR membership list before he was elected, but it’s missing now.  If you learn enough about the CFR you will realize that it is actually our “shadow government,” skillfully guiding our leadership down the path to the New World Order of a one-world government.

             So, you really think that if Agenda 21 is going to control human population, putting environmental issues above those of humans, and even eliminating meat production because it is an inefficient use of grains (let’s go vegan!), that there will be a place for pet ownership in the future?  Not very likely for us serfs.  Only the ultra-wealthy leaders of this new world will be allowed to own a dog or cat.  The rest of us will probably be taught how to eat them, like they do in Communist China today.  Ever hear the term, “fence rabbit”?


Saturday, January 7, 2012


           A red Chinese nuclear sub fired a missile off the coast of southern California, and
Obama did nothing
(  Somehow
Iran overrides the remote controls of a top secret US drone and lands it safely at an
Iranian base, and Obama did nothing
(   Now Obama plans to share our defense missile secrets with Russia
Isn’t it time our Joint Chiefs of Staff issue a notification that any further weakening of our  
military capabilities will be considered an act of TREASON?  Time to nut up, generals,
and save our Nation from this madman.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cost of Living In America Under Obama

Cost of Living In America Under Obama

                                    April 2010  Nov. 2010  Dec. 2011 Overall Increase
50 lb. Rice                 $14.98        $16.76        $19.34                  29%
25 lb. Salt                  $3.58                            $4.64                    30%
50 lb. Sugar              $25.57         $32.99        $33.63                  31%
25 lb. Flour                $6.37           $7.74          $7.98                     25%
1 gal. Corn Oil          $7.98           $7.98           $9.88                     24%

In a little over a year and a half prices of food have risen 25 to 30 percent.  This is due to “natural” inflation from using fiat currency, plus Quantitative Easing I and II that put more money into circulation with no increase in value, plus increase in cost of fuel due to decreases in domestic production and refining, plus government spending nearly a trillion dollars on “stimulus” that had no effect whatsoever on improving our economy.  There are other factors, too, that caused the decrease in purchasing power of the US Dollar, but the point here is that although the cost of food has increased dramatically, the average income has not risen correspondingly.  This means your standard of living is decreasing.
None of the presidential candidates is addressing this issue, or what they will do to turn it around.  A massive effort to recover all our domestic oil, coal and natural gas would drive down the cost of fuel and make all forms of commerce less costly.  Implementing The Fair Tax would create a huge attraction for manufacturing in the USA, bringing home offshore investments and putting more disposable income in our pockets.  (I object to the “prebate” concept of The Fair Tax; the tax should instead not apply to food and medicine.)  Eliminating the 16th Amendment, which is part of The Fair Tax concept, would remove an enormous burden on industry, business, and individuals, allowing an amazing economic growth that would restore America’s preeminence in the world.  But that wouldn’t fit in with plans for the world’s future.
People like David Rockefeller and the organizations he has created, Council on Foreign Relations (, Trilateral Commission (, are tremendously influential in our government.  They are pushing our leaders toward the New World Order, one world government, led by the United Nations.  But, of course, they would actually be in charge, running the show from the shadows.  The world elite want to control everything and everyone.  The Bilderberg Group ( is part of this effort to control the world’s economy and centralize it.  There’s even work being done on the creation of a common world currency.  So, you see, they don’t want America to retain or regain preeminence, because they want a “level playing field,” where the great socialist utopia will prevail and everyone will be equal.  Trouble is, freedom and liberty will always fight this effort, and the USA stands for these values above all else.

Donald K. Allen, DVM    Jan. 3, 2012