Saturday, September 15, 2012

Preparing for Civil War

People throughout our Nation are preparing for a civil war.  It will be much more than our first Civil War; it will be multi-faceted.  There will be constitutional conservatives against socialists, blacks against everyone else, Christians against socialists who support Muslim sharia law, those who have food stored against those who have none, poor against wealthy, and it will be an opportunity for people to steal everything they can get their hands on, as has happened in many inner-city riots.  And it will be revolutionaries against our corrupted government, seeking to return to original-intent constitutionalism; oath-keepers against oath breakers.

Those who are preparing (“preppers,” if you will), are doing so for multiple contingencies, including economic collapse, infrastructure collapse, natural disasters, and electro-magnetic pulse destruction of our electronics.  Much of this envisions a stoppage of food supply to our inner cities, resulting in roving bands of people seeking food any way they can get it, and it will eventually be by force.  It will be a simple matter of survival.

Notice the increase in “zombie” movies and news reports of cannibalism?  If you want to know what will happen when the food runs out, read about Stalingrad during WWII when that city was encircled by the German Army.  It occurs, and can happen again.  Zombie “fiction” based on the reality of human nature when acts of desperation mean survival or not.

Most people I’ve talked to, from Certified Public Accountants (four I know of), investment specialists, and bankers, to coal miners, small business owners, and health professionals, believe that if Obama is reelected, the USA is toast.  Obama intends to destroy our country, and if you haven’t awakened to that yet, you need to get off of the sleep medications.  He is definitely using Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy our economy/Treasury, cripple our energy production, and follow UN Agenda 21 to bring America down.  If this fraud who has taken over our government is not prosecuted, it will be the biggest travesty of justice our country has ever seen.   

So, folks, remember the fable of the ant and the grasshopper.  Prepare while you can.

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