Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No More Pets

By Donald K. Allen, DVM

            Love pets?  I sure do.  Can you imagine a future America that forbids pet ownership?  Perhaps you should become more familiar with the UN’s Agenda 21, a plan for the world written in 1992.  Along with liberal/socialist indoctrination in our public school systems, Agenda 21’s plan for “sustainable development” is being taught as the future for us all.

             Although our children and grandchildren are “educated” in the benefits of Agenda 21 through a variety of good-sounding programs, mainly environmentalism, most adults are in the dark.  Would you be more interested in learning what’s going on if you knew that Agenda 21 requires the “downsizing” of the world’s population by about one third?  How about “changing consumption patterns” of Americans?  You know we consume too much electricity, oil and gas, too many automobiles and other costly products.  Agenda 21 is going to bring America’s affluence under control, and President Obama is doing his part to destroy our economy (part of the plan).

            Hillary Clinton loves Agenda 21, and the UN for that matter.  She’s all for the USA being a nation subservient to the UN, and she’s doing her best to keep us rolling in that direction.  Americans should look behind the curtain and see who is really behind this movement – the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an organization founded by David Rockefeller.  An unedited list of CFR members can be found at  I saw Barack Obama’s name on the Wikipedia CFR membership list before he was elected, but it’s missing now.  If you learn enough about the CFR you will realize that it is actually our “shadow government,” skillfully guiding our leadership down the path to the New World Order of a one-world government.

             So, you really think that if Agenda 21 is going to control human population, putting environmental issues above those of humans, and even eliminating meat production because it is an inefficient use of grains (let’s go vegan!), that there will be a place for pet ownership in the future?  Not very likely for us serfs.  Only the ultra-wealthy leaders of this new world will be allowed to own a dog or cat.  The rest of us will probably be taught how to eat them, like they do in Communist China today.  Ever hear the term, “fence rabbit”?


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