Thursday, April 5, 2012

American Education

American Education                                                                                               April 5, 2012

By Donald K. Allen, MS, DVM

            I recently finished reading Psychological Warfare and the New World Order by Servando Gonzalez.  It is a well-documented, factual story of how the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and other elitist world organizations are working toward a one-world government.  It’s true, and it is happening. 

            I’m now embroiled in another book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, and am finding it shocking.  The two books dovetail, in that part of the plan for a New World Order is that the USA must be brought down to a “level playing field” with the rest of the world.  Just incredible!  I tend to be a skeptic, but I’ve seen and read too much, and am convinced America is heading for the destruction of our Founding Fathers’ plan for us and our country.

            This month I will turn 65.  Graduated from high school in 1965, and in retrospect I believe the public school education I received was relatively well-balanced.  Not too much capitalism, not too much socialism, and very little environmentalism.  And we did learn quite a bit about our Nation, its founders, and what makes America great.  The citizens of this country have done phenomenal things in the short time the USA has been in existence.  We became the most advanced sovereign country on the planet in the short span of 200 years (actually less than that).

            So what about this “psychological warfare” and “dumbing down”?  There is no doubt that the creation of the federal Department of Education has done nothing to improve education in this country.  It has declined.  Perhaps intentionally, but at the same time steered consistently down the path of liberal socialism.  And now I know this is true.

            Last week I read about the creation of an online site to offer Americans a choice for president other than one from our two-party system.  The old saw that a third party will split the vote and allow the “wrong” candidate to win has always worked in the past to keep the two political parties omnipotent in American politics.  I signed onto and began answering the 247 questions regarding current subjects affecting us and the world.  When you give your answer, you are then shown a map of the USA indicating how the rest of the country feels about the question.  That’s when I had an “OMG” moment.

            It is readily apparent that most of the people on this site are strongly liberal-socialist-environmentalist, and that I do not fit in this “mainstream.”  How could so many Americans become so brainwashed into believing that these philosophies would be good for our country?  Simple.  It was planned that way, and our children have been spoon-fed socialism for the past 50 years in an education system designed to do so.

            For many years we’ve discussed the fact that many of our colleges and universities have become extremely liberal, from Berkeley in the west to Columbia in the east; they are focal points of socialist education.  Have been throughout the 20th Century.  But I didn’t realize that our public school K-12 has been so completely rechanneled into training our children to be little commies!!  They are not only taught socialism, they are taught to LOVE it, and believe it is the way of the future.  Same with a New World Order and one-world government.  It’s the future for us all.

            So, what can those of us who still have independent thought and judgment do to save America?  First, get rid of the federal Department of Education.  It has done about as much good as the Department of Energy.  Second, remove all members of the CFR from positions of authority in our federal and state governments.  The “League of Extraordinarily Wealthy Gentlemen” who have a plan for the future world that will be “good for all,” will also ensure that this plan will be even better for them and their families.  They love socialism because it eliminates competition, ensuring profits for their companies and interests.  Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford and other ultra-wealthy dynasties have always supported communism, even funding Stalin and the USSR.  Armand Hammer is just a minor case in point.  Read about him.

            Third, home school your children or enroll them in a private school (like the wealthy do) that will not “mainstream” their thinking.  Teach them the greatness of our Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.  Teach them not what to think, but HOW to think. 

            Money does not equate to quality education.  Many of the greatest minds in our early history were self-taught, or learned in bare-bones school houses with NONE of the modern “aids” we have now.  They learned Greek and Latin, and read original texts in those languages.  Today I heard that spelling was going to be downgraded in schools because we have computer “spell check.”  OMG!  Compose a sentence for me using to, too, and two, and there, their, and they’re.  Most kids today can’t.*  You can have it all wrong, but it will be spelled right according to the computer.  I hope they don’t downgrade grammar!

            Fourth, explain to your children/grandchildren that socialism has never worked (use examples of the USSR, Nazi Germany, and Communist China before it embraced capitalism), and that it never will.  Explain the truths about environmentalism and the fraud of global warming, and what a “false flag” means.  Read “State of Fear” by Michael Crichton together.  Read The Constitution together and discuss what they feel the original intent of the writers was, and how it still applies to today’s world.  Teach them to question authority when they disagree.  Teach them individualism and independent thinking.

            If those in economic and political power continue to drive the American sheeple down the road to a socialist New World Order, at least our children will know better, and pass on the torch of liberty and freedom to their children.

            Now, what about “Americans Elect?”  Is it an effort to split the Republican vote and help Obama get reelected?  Will it truly give us a third choice that can potentially win by a landslide if all the “independent” voters out there get behind it?  Its founders certainly fit into the League of Extraordinarily Wealthy Gentlemen’s Club.  Could this be a very clever tool to keep us on the New World Order track?  Only time will tell.


*They’re going to the store over there with their two siblings too.  (now make up your own)

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