Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time to March or Submit to Communism

"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace."  - Thomas Paine

            After a century of influence by “progressives” (a facet of socialism/liberalism/ communism/statism/collectivism), with innumerable laws passed in the name of “social reform,” America is about to be “fundamentally changed” forever. 

Nearly half of Americans are “OK” with communism; so much so that they’ve asked for more in the last presidential election.  Obama is determined to destroy America economically, using Cloward-Piven strategy to do so.  Of all the common sense actions he could take to improve the economy, he chooses to do none.  Instead, he authorizes the printing of more fiat money, creating inflation at the rate of 20% per year (certainly not officially reported as such).  Quantitative Easing (QE) dilutes the value of the dollar, and we are currently on QE4, with more to come.

Our public education system is brainwashing our children, indoctrinating belief that socialism is good, government knows what’s best for us, you shouldn’t question authority, that the United Nations is benevolent and UN Agenda 21 is the course to take.  Oh, did I mention that the New World Order is inevitable, so don’t fight it?  Each generation becomes more and more accepting of collectivism, enabling more government expansion and loss of Liberty.

There is no way we can reverse this trend with the next election, or the next 100 elections.  The game is now totally fixed, and regardless, both political parties are taking us down the same road.  Politics and elections have become a diversion, distraction, and a delusion for the masses, allowing the UN and elitists behind the UN to quietly progress with their agenda.  UN Agenda 21 calls for a reduction of world population from 7 billion people to a “sustainable” 500 million.  And they intend for this to happen in this century, hence “Agenda 21.”  Meanwhile most of America is focused on “bread and circuses” (a term used since Roman days about distracting the masses).

Only one course remains for those of us who believe there is still hope for America, that we can return to world preeminence through the foundation that made us the greatest nation in the history of the world.  That foundation is the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in its original intent and meaning, not the bastardized, manipulative reinterpretation created by progressives.  The one course that remains for those patriots who fondly remember the America of our youth: a Second Revolution.   

All across America we the people are preparing for disaster.  Some deceptively say they are preparing for a potential tornado, hurricane, power outage, or natural disaster.  In truth, many are getting ready for a collapse of society due to martial law or civil war, anarchy, race war, or famine.  An electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) would destroy everything we depend upon that is electrical.  An EMP is entirely possible, and is a plausible threat from several enemies.  There would be a 25% die-off of Americans in the first year, just from starvation, rioting, and inability to get medicines.

Many of the people “prepping” are also preparing for revolution.  And most believe, like I do, that the sooner we get this over with, the better.  US Marine Corps General James Mattis said, “Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.”  He was recently forced to retire by the Obama administration.  George Washington was called out of retirement to lead the Revolutionary War.  Are you available, General Mattis?  It is time.  If we fail to act, we condemn our grandchildren to a lifetime of communist oppression, just as happened under Stalin and Mao.  They were “true believers” in communism, and now we have another true believer running our Nation.


  1. You people are disgsuting and racists to the core. . Impossible to readily say, but probably a couple of the first ten.

    He is the leader of a country and he supports gun control, so he is nothing like hitler

    He is not really a monster..

    President Obama has SAVED this GOP-damaged nation, whether you want to be honest and admit it or not. The GOP is the group that spent like drunken sailors (with nary a veto from their nation-destroying bratboy with a czar complex GW Bush),

    6. Whom do you think he is usurping? He was legally elected, so no.
    He hasn't broken federal law, but he may have broken international law.

    Obviously America is in trouble is WHEN you listen to Russians. Russia
    has insulted America for years, now when a black man becomes President,
    Racists like you still has the galls you call yourselves "americans"
    when you're nothing of the sort. Americans DON'T listen or believe the
    media of other countries!
    Is Barack Obama a Communist? no
    he is not a dictator!
    Is Barack Obama an enemy of America? not really

    he is not a Muslim, either! because Islam condemns abortions and homosexuality
    which Obama supports. He would be kicked out of that faith if he were a
    Muslim. Obama is a secular humanist.
    Obama is anything but a
    Socialist. He stands to the Right of Eisenhower and is trying very hard
    to save American Capitalism from its own stupidity. the racist right
    call Obama a Marxist, a socialist, a Communist, a Muslim because they
    can’t call him a Ni@@er!

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