Saturday, April 13, 2013

American Pamphleteer                                          April 2013

          What’s happening to America?  What went wrong that changed everything we knew about this great country we grew up in?  Capitalism and a free market economy made the United States of America the strongest and wealthiest Nation in the world, guided by our Constitution, which reigned in the negative aspects of human nature; wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

           “Progressives” would have you believe that mankind has advanced, improved, evolved to a point that the Constitution is irrelevant and outdated, written by old white men.  Yet we all truly know that nothing has changed as far as human nature is concerned.  But the progressives (also known as socialists, Democrats, communists, collectivists, statists, and yes, even Republicans) have a long-term goal in mind for America that is transforming our country into a socialist cog in the “great” New World Order of one-world government under the United Nations.  Have you read UN Agenda 21?  If you have, did you brush it off as impossibility?  Time to wake up and smell world communism.

           You don’t have to read the whole thing, just go to the Wikipedia description of Agenda 21.  Also check out “Georgia Guidestones,” which, in my opinion, was funded by the Rockefellers.  Both share a similar goal of reducing world population to a mere 500 million people (today it is just over 7 billion).  “Crazy,” you say?  “Impossible,” you think?  Well, friend, this is a long-term goal that the UN hopes to achieve during THIS CENTURY, hence “Agenda 21.”

           But, you say you don’t see this happening yet.  No?  Think long-term, slow die-off.  Now consider Obamacare and how it will slowly eliminate the sick, infirm, elderly and handicapped.  Consider what genetically-modified crops (GMOrganisms) will do worldwide when they fail.  Are government and private laboratories working on new pathogenic viruses right now?  Is nuclear holocaust rearing its ugly head again?  Is there something to the clamor about “chemtrails” in the sky?  How do they relate to the Four Horsemen – Conquest, War, Famine, and Death?  Do you really think this is all a conspiracy theory? 

One hundred seventy-eight countries signed Agenda 21in 1992.  It’s been twenty years in operation.  In the USA, 528 cities have accepted Agenda 21’s International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), which promotes “sustainable development,” the key to transforming our world.  ICLEI guides the programming of our public school systems.  Our children are learning that the New World Order is a good thing, and one-world government under the UN is the answer.  They are being taught that socialism is fair for everyone, environmentalism trumps humanity, and that they should never question authority (i.e., government).  Look at the voters who went for Obama, who promised to “fundamentally transform” America.  Obama is purposely destroying our economy to weaken our sovereignty, enabling our acceptance of the UN goal.

          Now do you understand why more and more Americans are considering home schooling?  Our public school system is indoctrinating our children in the goals of Agenda 21.  I’m even skeptical about parochial schools and elite private schools.  It is the elitist, ultra-wealthy of the world that are behind the UN and its goals.  Who do you think will decide which people make up the 500 million?  Will the extended Rockefeller Family be among them?  How about the Obamas and Clintons?  Will your grandchildren see the next century, or be victims of UN Agenda 21?