Thursday, August 4, 2011

Liberty and Tyranny

Liberty and Tyranny

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”    -  Thomas Jefferson

            We the people should not fear our government, as our earliest Founding Fathers pointed out.  And yet, now, we all fear what our government can do to us.  The writers of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution could not foresee a future government that would manipulatively misinterpret their words and meanings to transform a free people into slaves of socialism.

            We fear that we have made a mistake in filing our income tax (16th Amendment ratified Feb. 3, 1913), and that we will be not only fined, but must pay interest on our mistake, or be imprisoned.  If we own a business, we fear that OSHA or the EPA will arrive at our door unannounced and fine us $1,000.00 for every spray bottle or container that doesn’t have proper labeling.  Companies that have government contracts fear doing anything that may result in them losing those contracts.  Gun owners fear the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the possibility that our current government might overturn the 2nd Amendment.  People on any of the myriad welfare programs, including unconstitutional Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, greatly fear that the government that gave them these “entitlements” might also take them away, even though workers have paid into these programs.  The gravy train could stop when it runs out of fuel (taxes forcefully taken out of our hard-earned salaries). 

            “Forcefully taken out,” I say?  Yes.  If you refuse or deny the government its tribute you will be arrested by an armed officer and charged with income tax evasion.  Not only that, but our government frequently states that it is “allowing us to keep” some of our earnings.  What???  Government had no right to our earnings to begin with under the Constitution.  Subsequent

            This administration and Congressional liberals (Dems and Reps) have recently stated they fear losing the “full faith and credit” of the USA if they didn’t raise the debt limit.  They should be reminded that the full faith and credit of the USA relies upon the ability of American workers to produce goods and services and pay those debts.  That means that our credit relies upon just over half of our population, because the other half PAYS NO TAX into our treasury.  It’s time government realizes this, and before it spends any more of our money it should find a way to stop the Marxist redistribution of our wealth, and eventually eliminate this cancer upon the productivity or our Nation, i.e. the theft of income for redistribution.

            Whoah, wait a minute, you say.  We can’t take those programs away from those poor, unfortunate Americans.  They DEPEND upon them.  That’s exactly right.  It’s time they depended upon themselves, their families, their churches and their communities instead of Uncle Sam.  It was never meant to be this way when our country was founded, and this is the number one reason why we, as a Nation, are broke today.  Marxist entitlements, and government is trying to expand upon them and create new ones at a time when we are borrowing 46 cents of every dollar government spends.  That, my friends, is insane.

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