Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All In Our Lifetime: Part II – American Phoenix

            Here we are, 31 months into a presidency that is unlike any other in our history.  We have a president that has such a mysterious, hidden past that nobody has stepped forward and said, “I went to school with him,” or “he lived in my neighborhood.”  No class pictures, all records are sealed and inaccessible to the public.  The public that voted him into power; electing a virtually unknown entity with a smooth manner and gift at reading a teleprompter. 

            Some believe he is really stupid, in that he doesn’t seem to know what he is doing with our country’s economy, other than destroying it.  But how can that be so when he attended Columbia and Harvard?  Can you get a degree from a prestigious college and still be stupid?  Of course!  There are thousands of college grads from prestigious universities who have done incredibly stupid things.  Some are even marginally literate, yet they’ve made it through.  But that is not his case; he is dumb like a fox.

            Our incredibly successful country has fallen to its knees because of one thing more than any other: compromise.  Slowly, insidiously, we have inched along the wrong fork in the road, taking us farther from capitalism and closer to a socialist society.  Compromising conservatives gave the liberal faction small concessions so that they could get what they wanted in another bill.  Those small concessions were often socialist programs, or expansions of those programs, and we are now finding that we can no longer afford them.  This began with Roosevelt, but now we have a man who intends to commit the coup de grâce by totally bankrupting our Nation through a subversive plan.  If you have not read about the Cloward-Piven (C-P) strategy, please do so now.  The Wikipedia definition is adequate.

            Go back to what ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) was doing well before he was elected.  As a Chicago community organizer himself, he was involved with ACORN and benefited greatly from their efforts.  Remember, one of ACORN’s primary objectives is to get as many people signed up for government assistance programs as possible (C-P).  What did extending unemployment benefits to 99 weeks do?  It added more people draining the Treasury for longer periods.  What did the bailouts and stimulus do?  Not only drained the Treasury, but extended debt even further into the future for coming generations of Americans.  Remember, only half of American workers are paying income tax, so that debt doesn’t fall on all Americans equally; it falls on the half who pay taxes.

            The oath taken by our military, to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” was included in 1862 as a direct result of the Civil War.  It applies, however, in a broad sense, to everyone who would seek to alter or destroy the true meanings of the Constitution, or manipulatively misinterpret those meanings.  That is what members of Congress have done for many decades, both Democrats and Republicans.  ANY action that would circumvent or ignore the true meaning of the Constitution is an act against it. It’s time we all recognized this and realized that our greatest enemies today are not from abroad, but from within.  Socialism is taking away the country we once knew.

            Socialism IS THE ENEMY of our Constitution, and those that propose socialism, under any guise, are enemies, too.  Whether you call it liberalism, progressivism, or some other pleasant-sounding term, the underlying action is always the Marxist rule of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”; which means redistribution of wealth.  It’s high time we recognize our enemies for whom they are; leftist liberals, regardless of political party. 

            It’s time members of Congress STOP compromising with our enemies.  Give them NOTHING.  We will not return to true Constitutionality until this philosophical cancer is eradicated from our government at every level.  You, as an individual, may give every penny you earn to those whom you believe are in greater need than yourself.  But you CANNOT take from one person and give that person’s earnings to another.  This is even more true when you term that gift “foreign aid.”  Our government has been playing Robin Hood with our money long enough.  We need to stamp out socialism no matter what program or form it has taken through the years.  These are not obligations that our Constitution authorized; they are programs of Communism.

            Congress and presidents have enacted laws allowing for forfeiture of earnings (theft by force of arms any way you look at it), but those laws are, in fact, unconstitutional.  There is no authority in that document’s original intent that would even remotely condone such acts, yet arguments to the contrary eventually gained enough support (compromises) to enable passage.  Can they be undone?  Certainly, but it will require a massive effort by every concerned citizen, with the understanding that those who have benefitted for decades will fight with equal effort against change.  When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you will always have the support of Paul.

            People who profess to be staunch Democrats need to reevaluate their beliefs.  The Democrat Party is no longer the party of your grandparents.  It, AND the Republican Party (through compromise), have adopted every plank of the Communist platform.  This is why the Communist Party in the USA has stopped running candidates for president, as they did when I was young.  Democrats and liberal Republicans are now supporting socialism/progressivism/Marxism/communism in Congress, passing laws that are taking us ever further down the slippery slope toward a United Soviet States of America. 

This creeping communism is the reason our country is in such dire straits today, and our president is the most Marxist president we have ever elected.  If we don’t vote them all out, we and our progeny will lose the greatest country the world has ever seen.  The only alternative is armed revolt.  We cannot accept a truce, a compromise.  We need unconditional surrender.

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