Monday, March 28, 2011

What Did A Trillion Dollars Do?

            Many people do not truly understand the impact that President Obama’s Stimulus Plan has had on each and every one of us.  When you have an amount of currency in circulation – roughly $7 trillion – and you instantly add another trillion to it, what happens?  First of all, whatever cost you $7.00 last month will now cost you $8.00 because you have not increased the value of the money, but DECREASED its value.  The product you are buying still has the same value, but the money you are using to buy it has been “diluted,” by over 14%.  That means the dollar you had last month has lost value, and it will take more of them to buy the same product.  That is what inflation does.

            Our government did this.  Actually, the Federal Reserve did it.  It stole from your pocket and mine by making the dollar that we work hard for worth less in buying power.  Those living on a fixed income, such as Social Security, found that their monthly check didn’t stretch as far as it used to.  Those who live off their 401k or saved money just had some of it evaporate in what has been called an “unseen tax” on all of us.  Yes, your money was sitting in an account somewhere, but now instead of buying 1.43 pounds of hamburger for $3.50, you can only get 1.25 pounds for the same amount of money.  We have all been cheated out of our labor.  By our government. 

So, when you think they’re helping you, you couldn’t be more wrong.  They are hurting everyone.  We need to finally get rid of the Federal Reserve, which is NOT part of our government, but actually a private organization designed to prevent the big banks from EVER losing; always making a profit.  The greatest legalized theft in the world.

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