Monday, March 28, 2011

The Game Is Rigged

            You’ve got to hand it to P.T. Barnum.  He knew the average American when he said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”  Carnival gamers use his logic to get people to step up and spend their money, even though their game is fixed.  Our American political system uses the same logic, because the election game is fixed here, too.

            Our two-party system is fixed against anyone else taking part in government.  The Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee both have stated how hard it is to get good people to run for office.  But they don’t want “good” people.  They want people who can bring in the money and take orders.  First, it takes money to get elected, and second, they don’t want you to rock the boat.  Life is good in Washington, D.C.

            Once elected, you are kept “in line” by the party.  Do you want to get reelected?  You have a 98% chance of keeping your seat (job), if you follow the party’s rules and do as you’re told.  The party will spend big bucks to keep you in place so they can count on your unfailing vote.  Just don’t stand up for what you and your constituents believe in.  The party knows what’s good for you.

            Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to destroy our two-party system.  Americans need to know where they stand.  Conservatives are Republicans, and liberals are Democrats.  That’s how you know who to vote for.  If you want smaller government, less federal control, lower taxes and less spending, you are conservative, right?  If you want bigger government, don’t care about taxes, and want Uncle Sam to take care of you from cradle to grave no matter if you like to work or not, then you are a liberal, OK?

            That’s what they want you to think.  Keep it simple, stupid!  But, in fact, both parties like bigger government; it increases with every administration.  You have to repay your loyal supporters with a good job.  The patronage system works; you vote for the party and get others to do the same, and you’ll get your reward.  It’s really great if the new administration creates a new department, like the Department of Energy, or the Department of Education.  Departments employ thousands!

            So, what’s the solution Americans?  Many of you will continue to vote for the party man or woman, because you believe in your party and that’s what you’ve done all your life.  Your party knows what it’s doing and knows what’s best for you.  But if you believe like I do, then it’s time you truly made a difference in American politics.  It’s time to vote for an independent for Congress and for president.

            Many have said that independents don’t have a chance because they aren’t organized.  That used to be true.  You need a huge organization like the Democratic Party or the Republican Party to get elected.  But wait, we DO have a potential organization!  It’s called the tea party, and there’s one in every area of this country.  The tea parties were born out of frustration with our government and anger over the direction the administrations and Congress are taking us.  Anger at BOTH parties and their disregard of the “average American” citizen.  Anger over the huge debt they keep piling on future generations.  Anger over failure to seal our borders, to stop hemorrhaging jobs overseas, to harvest our own oil, to use our coal, to build nuclear power plants, to stop fighting unwinnable wars, to stop appeasing everyone else in the world.  Our citizens want government to help America and Americans first, follow the original intent of our Constitution, and retain our world leadership.  We do not want to continue down this road of destruction that will only end in us becoming a second-rate wheel in a one-world government with its “global economy.”

            It is way past time that America’s many tea parties banded together to promote and support not just another Republican for president, but a candidate of the people, by the people, and for the people – an independent moderate conservative who will sign a binding contract with voters to do what needs to be done.  No promises that will evaporate after the swearing in.  In fact, no promises at all; just a legal contract that must be fulfilled.  Verbal promises, as we have seen time after time, are worthless.  Get it on paper.

            Can the tea parties of America come together to save our Nation?  I believe we can.  I believe we must.  We must get out of this R – D – R – D rut or it will be too late to save the America we grew up in.  If we continue down this path, voting for different sides of the same coin, we will be telling our grandchildren one day about the wonderful country we once knew when we were young.  Like Edward G. Robinson telling Charlton Heston in “Soylent Green.” 


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