Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Am I A Sinophobe?

            In 1968, while I was stationed at Mactan AB, Republic of the Philippines with the Air Force, I travelled to Hong Kong for a week’s vacation.  I was not allowed to purchase or bring home ANYTHING from Communist China.  I wanted a Chairman Mao lapel button as a souvenir, but I could have been brought up on charges if I had one in my stuff.  Now, 42 years later, I have to be diligent to avoid buying things from China here at home.  I wish it was 1968 again.

            Communist China put a man in space two years ago using technology gleaned from the USA (and Russia) and paid for with US dollars.  Yes, Wal-Mart indirectly paid for their space program.  A month ago China announced that it has the fastest computer in the world.  Ever notice all the Chinese grad students at our engineering colleges?  Now, it appears that a Chinese nuclear ballistic missile submarine fired a missile in international waters off Los Angeles Nov. 8 in a show of military strength (  The sub apparently took a southern course to evade our Navy.  Japan took a northern course sixty-nine years ago to do the same.

Thank Congress, all recent Presidents, and the naivety of Americans for building up and enriching our greatest enemy in the world today.  Why do I consider Communist China our greatest enemy?  Because they consider us their greatest enemy! 

            Corporate America repeatedly said Communist China is a huge emerging market for American products, and a fast-growing economy that will overtake us.  They said the Communist Chinese want to be our friends, and we should embrace the global economy.  Just think of a billion Chinese buying our products.  Well, the top 20% of Chinese workers have an average annual income of $3,600.  The lowest 20% have an average income of $890, and the overall average income is $2,025.  What can they afford to buy that says, “Made in the USA”?  (Several sources, including USDA:

            Communist China has had “Most Favored Nation” trading status with us since 1979, when President Carter opened the door to, essentially, carte blanche trade.  The balance of trade shifted, and grew tremendously during the Reagan years.  In 1985 our trade deficit with Red China was $6.0 million.  By 1989 it increased a thousand-fold to $6,234.3 million, and is now $226,877 million (  Red China now refuses to buy our treasury bonds, holding enough of them already to collapse our economy.  Hence Quantitative Easing 2, the $600 billion purchase of our own bonds with our own newly-printed money.  Is Mr. Bernanke a genius, or what? Now we are passing the debt to our great-grandchildren!  Massive inflation is here.

            It’s time to stop the hemorrhage.  No matter what pull Wal-Mart lobbyists have with Congress, we need to pull MFN trade status from Communist China.  They have consistently violated rules of trade, from allowing copyright and patent infringement to outright theft of proprietary manufacturing secrets.  To the government of Communist China, the end justifies ANY means, and they are using every means available to propel their country to world hegemony.  Their greatest national accomplishment will be bringing the USA to its knees.  We need a kick-ass president, not an eloquent apologist.  When we refer to “China,” make sure we call it “Communist China,” so that we never again delude ourselves into thinking they are colleagues in this great, big world.


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